Museum at Tomorrow

An experimental audio fiction mini series.

The Museum at Tomorrow is an audio fiction collage miniseries. This project did not follow the writing-revision-dialogue-recording-scoring process present in many pieces of audio fiction. A central narrative was outlined, then improvised and recorded. This replaced the traditional script of an audio fiction story.

Each beat of the monologue is paired with another compositional element - a cut from an interview, a description of an artifact or piece of art from a museum, a sound, or a piece of music. Multiple voices are allowed to overlap to create a contrapuntal soundscape- complicating the listening experience.

[Jeffrey Nils Gardner’s] new solo project demonstrates a different viscerality and a breathtaking range of ability in form and sound. ... This strange art will make you want to lean into it and see if you can find yourself inside it.
— Elena Fernández Collins, AV Club
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