Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery

A fiction podcast weaving complex storytelling and sound design

Unwell is a critically acclaimed fiction podcast with conspiracies, ghosts, and unusual families of blood and choice set in the small town of Mt. Absalom, Ohio. Launched in February 2019, Unwell is co-produced by Jeffrey Nils Gardner and Eleanor Hyde through HartLife NFP.

In the production of this show, we manage four writers, a cast of over 15 voice actors, and a sound design team of eight. At the end of its first season it had been downloaded over a quarter million times.

More information about Unwell can be found on its website here.

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Unwell is a triumph of writing and sound design, with spookiness and a creeping sense of dread rooted the detailed design of the haunted house. The ghosts and dysfunctional family dynamics inside of Fenwood House are echoed in the town of Mount Absalom itself, in its enigmatic conspiracies and intense celery crop worship. It is the combination of Unwell’s production quality and laser-focus on details without forgetting the big picture that makes this one of the best debuts of 2019.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, DiscoverPods.com